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Dear Gareth,

I wanted to take time to write this personal note to say thank you for your support over the past 2 years.

As a small start up business launched during the countries worst ever economic crisis, it was critical for us to have expert support in key areas of our new venture, and choosing the right company in accounting and tax preparation was probably our biggest decision to make. When looking for a suitable company to help guide us in business, your recommendation came from a friend who actually worked for HMRC, who said “that as a supplier of financial information to HMRC, Burton Beavan was on the ‘good’ list of accountancy practices and that any requests for information where dealt with swiftly and helpfully”. l’m glad we took her advice. Initially  we thought we’d employed the services of a standard high street accountancy firm, how wrong we were. When looking for the support we needed, we took the approach that we wanted a company with broad resources, and one that utilized a team approach to our business. No one advisor is an expert in all areas of accounting/tax, and with Burton Beavan we found the right combination of expertise.

You utilize a team approach with yourself always available to advise us on tax issues, Oliver handling the accounting issues and assisting in closing the books effectively and accurately, and Eric keeping us up to date on the changing state of the nation and current HMRC updates. This team approach is cost effective in that we have a relationship with one accounting firm who provide several layers of support and I consider you all a key part of our business, and feel you have my company’s success in mind as trusted advisors.

Thanks again for your help and support and we’re looking fonivard to a 3rd year of continued growth.

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