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Eric’s Testimonials

As you might imagine, an investigation from HMRC isn’t something that people like to talk about! That said, Eric has done such a great job for our clients that he’s worked with that they were only to happy to provide a testimonial for his work. We’ve kept their identities confidential for obvious reasons but we can assure you that these are genuine letters of thanks….

“For me like most I guess, the thought of dealing with the taxman is a less than pleasant prospect – unless Eric can do that for you! It is easy for HMRC’s meaning to get lost in the jargon that they sometimes use – but I found out that Eric is an expert translator. Above all he took a lot of the worry in dealing with HMRC away from me and replaced it with clear explanations and reassurance that I needed and appreciated – and we had a laugh along the way! If you need some positivity in a potentially negative situation then I think that Eric at Burton Beavan will almost certainly be able to help you”.

“Hi Eric – I would just like to say that as an accountant you have been extremely helpful and proactive of my behalf in ensuring my accounts were managed appropriately after some previous difficulties. You were able to sort them quickly and efficiently and even managed to get me a small financial reward from the tax man when they got a payment wrong!! Much appreciated for all the work both you and your colleagues have done to keep me on track with my accounts.”